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From time to time we will be bringing you articles on items and events concerning the practice of project management. Feel free to visit us and browse these articles. Your feedback, brickbats and kudos are equally welcome.

    All IT projects begin with the Project Management Life Cycle which at a later stage converges with the System Development Life Cycle.
  • System Test
    There is some confusion in the IT world when it comes to differentiating between a System Test and User Acceptance Testing.
  • Structured Analysis
    Structured Analysis is primarily concerned with a new kind of Functional Specification: the Structured Specification. The difference between the two is that the Functional Specification describes automated procedures by a text narrative, whereas a Structured Specification is graphical.
  • The Screaming Chicken
  • User Acceptance Test
    A User Acceptance Test ensures that the Application addresses and satisfies the Business Requirements and the Workflows.
  • Individualism, Collectivism and Project Management