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Our COTS Implementation practice specializes in managing entire Implementation projects. Alternately, we accurately source Commercial/ Government Off The Shelf (COTS/GOTS) software to enhance a client’s Business Process, or replace an existing application. 


A requirement for a COTS Implementation may be triggered in several ways:


v       A client may foresee a need to purchase a COTS application to enhance a Business Process and need us to partner with them to plan and manage the entire COTS Implementation project.   

v       A prospective client may have purchased a COTS package which is to be implemented by the vendor and they want us to work with the vendor to create an Implementation Plan and monitor the vendor’s activity during Implementation.

v       A client may decide to action one or more of our recommendations stemming from a QA Review. The QA Review may have identified a need to triage and replace specific software applications with COTS packages.

v       Engage us to assist them with a Make or Buy decision for new software.