Fountainhead  Technologies USA
We Are Project Management




As a consulting company we have had extensive experience and exposure to the production of RFPs and Proposals. Our Technical Writers and Business Analysts specialize in investigating, analyzing and producing Requests for Proposals and Proposals at clients’ sites.


RFP Preparation


Our modus operandi is to execute the above three phases in a collaborative team effort with our clients’ resources serving as Subject Matter Experts on hand to answer IT, business and environmental related questions that always arise during the Investigation and Analysis phases. This approach is an overflow from our QA Review process.


v       Documentation of existing business and technical environments will be the major deliverable of the Investigation phase.

v       Existing and New Business Requirements, Business Processes and Data Requirements will be the primary deliverable of the Analysis phase.

v       The RFP will be the primary deliverable of the Production phase.



Proposal Preparation


Proposal preparation is a reactive process as its execution depends on the requirements of the RFP. We again team with our clients to address the various aspects of preparing the proposed response. We take a project approach to Proposal writing and break it down into the following phases: Planning, Investigation, Analysis and Production. The tasks and deliverables under each phase differ from the tasks for preparing an RFP.